National Rebuilding Day 2018

National Rebuilding Day Success! With the support of over 650 community members, 29 low-income families and non-profit organizations that house and serve vulnerable populations in our area now have safer and healthier places to live.

Please Step Inside

Everyone wants to protect seniors from falls, yet fall hazards at home often go overlooked. Solid science and practical experience show how relatively simple repairs can prevent falls. Please Step Inside – if you really want to protect seniors from falls and reduce re-admissions

Love Your Neighbor Made Manifest – Community Rebuilds Fairfax Home

For two years, Teresa Oliver and her son Michael couldn’t go home. They lived in a basement apartment, hoping their their house could be restored…

Burke Home Transformed Inside and Out

Pat’s home looked okay from the outside. She did what she could to keep the exterior in good condition. But inside, the house had deteriorated. She didn’t have the money or the strength to make repairs…

Helping Hands Make Huge Impact

It feels good to roll your sleeves up and give back. That’s what volunteers from Navy Federal Credit Union (NFCU) learned when they helped restore a local nonprofit’s food pantry and thrift store…