Every year, we measure the impact our work has on our community. Thanks to our volunteers and donors, we’re able to help hundreds of people in need in the most cost-effective way possible. From fire safety to fall prevention, our volunteers keep homeowners safe and healthy.

In Fiscal Year 2017 (FY 2017), Rebuilding Together-AFF gathered 1,080 volunteers, who did a lot of great work:

Donated 12,000 hours

Repaired and modified 64 homes, 6 nonprofit residential facilities, and 3 community projects

Delivered $740,000 in market value – including volunteer labor, materials and contract services

This past year we helped many low-income households:

70% are living with disabilities

89% are extremely low to very low income

91% are 62 or older

Total number of people served

103 in low-income households

40 in nonprofit residential homes

Project Impact

Fire Safety: We address fire hazards that most homeowners never consider, like clogged clothes dryer vents. We also provide and install fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, and CO detectors.

In FY 2017, RT-AFF installed or verified that households were protected by working smoke and CO detectors as well as fire extinguishers 100% of the time.

Fall Prevention: Falls among older adults is a serious issue and most often occur at home. To prevent these injuries, we install grab bars, stair railings, half-steps, ramps and chair-height toilets. We correct tripping hazards, add lighting, and improve the entrances to homes.

In FY 2017, RT-AFF corrected 86% of fall safety hazards in our clients’ homes.

Moisture Control: Water can seriously damage a home and hurt occupants’ health. RT-AFF diverts water away from the house, repairs gutters and downspouts and corrects roof leaks.  And we repair plumbing leaks and exhaust fans to improve ventilation in kitchens and baths.

In FY 2017, RT-AFF corrected 82%  of moisture problems present.

Basic Repairs: Homes need both regular maintenance and periodic repairs to keep families safe and healthy. RT-AFF addresses the home’s exterior and interior.

In FY 2017, RT-AFF’s basic repairs  corrected 79% of the problems identified.