What We Do

Every project that Rebuilding Together Arlington/Fairfax/Falls Church undertakes is unique. Each work site comes with a different history, need, scope of work, and volunteer team. The skill levels required range from “a little” to “a lot”.  When necessary, we may hire a professional but the home owner is never charged.  Most teams on house projects will provide multiple services and use varying levels of skill such as:

  • building wheelchair ramps
  • installing grab bars, railings, raised toilets, and smoke detectors
  • replacing appliances, lights
  • repairing and replacing stairs, gutters, drywall, floors, doors and windows
  • weather stripping, insulating, caulking
  • plumbing and electrical repairs
  • removing clutter, cleaning  and yard debris
  • painting

Our vision is “a safe and healthy home for everyone.”  Nationwide, more than 30 million homes pose health and safety hazards, which contribute to asthma and other respiratory diseases, carbon monoxide poisoning, lung cancer, falls, and burns, which add billions to national health care costs. The good news is that most of these hazards can be corrected through relatively simple, low-cost repairs, such as repairing roofs and gutters, removing old carpeting, clearing clogged clothes dryer vents, adding ventilation, installing grab bars and handrails, and sealing gaps and cracks to keep out pests. Our model of mobilizing volunteers is the most cost-effective way possible to make high-risk homes healthier and safer.

The following video demonstrate how simple changes to a home can dramatically impact the health an safety of its occupants.

Healthy Housing Video